Доклад Силви Эндресен «Technological retrogression: worth studying in the Russian context?»

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Technological retrogression may imply that producers adopt production equipment «of the past» that are considered outdated. Examples are a farmer who leaves his tractor and starts using a horse, or stops using chemical fertilizers. Entire economic subsectors may retrograde; technologies used by the grandparents could thus be more advanced in terms of labour productivity than those of the grandchildren. The economic history of industrial countries has thought us that modernization implies structural shifts and continuous labour productivity increases. This involves progressive mobility of labour; shifts from low-productive to high-productive occupations, and sectoral shifts from agriculture to manufacturing. However, if labour moves from (urban) occupations in manufacturing to (rural) occupations during recessions, we have a case of retrogressive mobility of labour. Modernization may thus reverse, and reduced labour productivity is the key indicator. Case studies exemplify how, why and where technological retrogresson is triggered and what consequences this may have.