A Presentation by Murat Aydemir “Nomads have no Secrets”

26 October, Wednesday, 18.30
Murat Aydemir. Nomads have no Secrets.

Zh. Delyoza and F. Gvattari’s “A Treatise about Nomadology,” one of the fundamental works regarding interrelationship between migration, globalization, and capital, was highly regarded for offering a new way to exist in space and in the world and for its promise to avoid extreme forms of nationalism. At the same time, it was criticized for its reworded racism and clear empathy for capital. In his presentation, Murat Aydemir, professor of comparative literature and cultural analysis at the University of Amsterdam, will point out the most controversial aspects of this work and subject to analysis the term “nomad,” which has become quite relevant in the social sciences. Delez and Gvattri argue that nomads have no secrets. But then what do they offer scienceif not one form or another of some secret, alternative knowledge?

The lecture takes place within the framework of a news about migration culture, “Meeting ‘the Other,” which is organized by the Dutch Institute in St. Petersburg and the Creative Association of Curators.

Center for Independent Social Research, Ligovskii Prospect, 87, office 301, telephone: 718 37 69, www.cisr.pro