Development of Qualitative Methods

One of CISR’s main objectives is to popularise the possibilities of the qualitative method among sociologists. In the course of their work, CISR researchers publish texts that initiate discussions on social sciences methodology, hold workshops aimed at establishing a network of qualitative methodologists in Russia (for example, in Samara, 2003, in St. Petersburg, 2004, and in Moscow, 2005), and take part in establishing such networks on the international level (NECEN).
CISR has actively cooperated with the Center for Sociological Education (Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) for three years, organising sociological practicums for several courses (“Ethnosociology”, “Gender Sociology”, “Sociology of Everyday Life”). Within the framework of these practicums, CISR researchers help students to master qualitative methodology skills in the subjects offered. CISR also holds practicums for students in the “Qualitative Methods in Sociological Research” course.
CISR intends to use this work to popularise qualitative methodology in the social sciences, with special attention given to the professional socialisation of young researchers and social sciences teachers in Russia. Within their own research, CISR specialists develop new methods for conducting fieldwork and analysing collected information.