Social Milieu & Social Structure

This research area has always been one of CISR’s priorities. Sociologists at CISR are not limited to theoretical approaches in the description of social structure; they also conduct empirical research which allows them to understand more fully the lives of representatives of certain social groups. Alongside their interest in such global questions as the social structure of Soviet society and its transformation in the post-Soviet period, and social order in post-modernist societies, CISR researchers scrupulously study the life of social environments and groups commonly characterised as marginal, closed, socially unprotected, etc.
Based on this research, a monograph (I. Oswald, E. Dittrich, V. Voronkov (Hrsg.). Wandel alltaeglicher Lebensfuehrung in Russland: Besichtigungen des ersten Transformationsjahrzehnts in St. Petersburg. Muenster-Hamburg-Berlin-London: LIT-Verlag, 2002) and a number of articles have been published.
In 2004, CISR and their German colleagues held a joint international workshop where Russian and European scientists were able to discuss new approaches to the study of social stratification.