Cultural & Symbolic Production

Research on institutions of cultural production is the most recent CISR initiative. It emerged as an area of research over the last few years by incorporating general subject – studies on social interactions in which culture is created, disseminated, and applied. Research within this framework is both applied and fundamental. Initial projects, for example, focus on assessments of the efficiency of strategies of art-management or examine systems of the distribution of grant funding among scientists. Other projects are dedicated to the changing positions of different groups of intellectuals and to the function of cultural capital in contemporary Russian society.
Within this broader initiative, research on the transformation of scientific institutions and the adaptation of scientists to new social and economic conditions – one of the themes that the Centre has been engaged in since the early 1990s – deserves particular attention. Five large research projects have been dedicated to this theme and more than 20 publications have been issued.
An object of special interest for us has been the development of the social sciences in post-Soviet societies. The empirical examination of this theme has particular significance with regard to the growth and development of professional reflection.