Gender Studies

Gender Studies is one of the fundamental research directions of the Centre.  It is the study of gender and sexuality, reproductive technologies and practices, female activism and feminism, gendered aspects of migration processes, sexual work, human rights issues and others. 

CISR researchers initiated and took part in collaborative research projects with the University of Helsinki, University of Zurich, European University at St. Petersburg, Nordic Gender Institute on gender research and gender equality (NIKK), Center for Youth Studies at the NRU HSE, Scientific Research Centre “Region” and others.

Over all years of research activity in the field of Gender Studies, CISR’s researchers took part in more than 30 projects, organized and participated in scores of seminars and conferences. More than 100 articles have been published in leading Russian and foreign journals.

Among the most important projects on gender issues conducted by CISR’s researchers in the past years are “Sexuality and Gendered Culture in Russia” (1996) resulted in publication of a book “V poiskah seksualnosti” (2002); “Auxiliary Reproductive Technologies (ART) and the Formation of Bodies, Persons and Families in Russia and Switzerland” (2006-2009) resulted in collection of articles “Making Bodies, Persons and Families. Normalising Reproductive Technologies in Russia, Switzerland and Germany” (2009). Collection of articles “V teni tela” (2008, in collaboration with SRC “Region”) also became a landmark for CISR. In 2010-2011 Elena Zdravomyslova edited and Elena Nikiforova translated Anna Rotkirh’s book, titled “Muzhskoj vopros: Lyubov’ i seks trekh pokolenij v avtobiografiyah peterburzhcev”. The book was published in 2011. In 2014 CISR published a collection of articles “Methodology, theory and practice of LGBT and Queer Studies”.