Complaining to the Authorities in Russia: Tradition and Legal Modernization

The dissertation project is aimed at studying the mechanism of complaints to authorities from the pre-revolutionary period to the present days. In the research changes occurred with the complaints mechanism are compared with transformations of legal institutions. The purpose of the study is to understand what role the complaint mechanism plays in the Russian complex, intermittent and controversial process of legal modernization, and whether it is capable of modernizing itself. The theoretical frame of the research is given by new studies of modernization and legal modernization (R. Rose, M. Kivinen, A. Polese, J. Morris). A large data corpus has been used as an empirical base, including archival materials, newspaper publications, interviews, observations, and statistical reports. In the result of the project it is planned to defend a thesis (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Eastern Finland, and publish a monograph (Routledge).

Some results were presented at:

International Conference “Emotionalization of public domains in cross-cultural perspective”. Report “Complaints to the Authority in Russia: Instrumental emotionality of the Soviet and post-Soviet social contract”. Israel, May 27 – 31, 2019  Emotions_conf

Publications for project result