The Subject and Community in the New Media Epoch

The fundamental problem of modern network society is the search for new social strategies and regulations  in the formation of microcommunities and their participation in macropolitics. The modern era of developing information technologies and ubiquitous use of media makes relevant the development of new models of social and subjective policies in response to the processes that are occurring with the human and society. The fundamental scientific problem of the project is developing a social and ethical model that corresponds to the new technical and technological circumstances. The media reality and its products – the media or network community and the media subject – are an unavoidable part of modern life, which is why they inevitably become objects of philosophical examination. We argue that media is not external to us, but interiorised, and defines our conscious, our concerns and our motivations. Hence, the analysis of media reality is a topical research task. 

The actual task of the project is to compare the post-industrial communities and their subjects studied and described in the 1960s-1970s with the network communities and corresponding types of subjectivity that have surfaced in and dominate the past decade. Solving this problem will allow us to see whether the theories describing the shift to postindustrial society are applicable to the shift to media society, as well as guide further research into a radically new and standalone description of the impending network community and new subjectivity. The practical implementation of the project is also important: we are hoping to develop a new ethical and social regulation  in the media world based on our “politics of care” concept .

 The suggested project is interdisciplinary in nature, aiming to give practical solutions and methodical recommendations first and foremost for a Russian context, while considering both domestic research and global know-how. The project will be generalized in nature, with a basis in sociological studies from the researchers at the Centre for Independent Sociological Research. The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (grant 13-06-00764 А)