Sociology of Transnational Processes

The aim of the project is to contribute to development of social theory of transnational processes. In order to understand multilevel governance on the World scale and the role of social movements in non-state governance Dr. Maria Tysiachniouk discusses the concept of the “space of place” and “transnational spaces”. The discussion on this topic have been started by Manuel Castels who distinguishes “the space of place” and “the space of flow”. Kastels understood the space of flow as cyber space that was enabled by new technologies. Contrary to Castels, Maria Tysiachniouk under “transnational space” understands the flow of ideas, information and so called “the nodes of governance design.” Under the node of governance designs she means different kind of actors in transnational spaces that through their interaction elaborate a certain product-design, in the form of international convention, agreement, agenda, or international standards. The node of governance design includes not only actors yet the processes of elaboration of new discourses, meanings, and concepts that appear in the process of interaction. The project studies the interaction between the NGOs and the nodes of governance design.

Supported by the CISR and the Wageningen University (the Netherlands).