Fostering Community Forest Policy and Practice in Mountain Region (Adygeya Republic)

Partners: RREC, Association of Responsible Forest Companies, Russian National FSC Office, Forest Department of Adygeya Republic, Ecological Watch on North-West Caucuses

The goals of the project included: the elaboration of institutionally relevant legal and technical mechanisms for community forest management; an increase in awareness and active involvement among local communities and authorities in the development of sustainable forest management; and the securing of land tenure and defense of local citizens rights to public forest use.
Project researchers examined the interests of local citizens concerning forested areas, the problems of forest use and public participation in the management of forested areas close to population centers. In addition, under the auspices of the project, various seminars, meetings and consultations were coordinated between local citizens and other parties interested in forest management, and several Forest Councils were organized in population centers adjacent to forested areas.

Supported by EC