Creative Industries Development Partnership: St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Manchester

Joint project with the International Business Leaders Forum (UK)the Leontief Centre (St. Petersburg)the Creative Industries Development Service (Manchester)the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture (UK)the Helsinki Urban Facts.

The project aimed to increase the role of business in the sphere of culture on the basis of developing and supporting new competitive industries. The main purpose of the project was to form favorable conditions for the development of creative industry in St. Petersburg. Within the framework of the project, CISR researchers participated in the organization and carrying out of research aimed at revealing the specificity, size and potential of the creative industry sector in St. Petersburg, including SWOT-analysis, elaboration of recommendations for establishing infrastructure and indicating prime measures of the state support of this sector. Two seminars were conducted in St. Petersburg, in addition to the introductory program in Helsinki.

Supported by the TACIS Programme of the EU.