The Role of Civil Society in Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility within the Russian Forest Sector

The aim of this project is to evaluate the role of civil society in fostering corporate social responsibility, in particular, transparency, accountability, and social and environmental responsibility of Russian forest industry. The project analyzes how civil society actors use forest certification as a mechanism to foster corporate social responsibility and to determine what other mechanisms, not related to forest certification, Russian civil society uses to promote responsible business operations. Other goal is to study how specific Russian contexts impact successes and failures of civil society actors. The project evaluates what practices of corporate social responsibility are explored by Russian forest producers, why they use these particular practices and who are the actors that stimulate corporate social responsibility. The project compares the role that civic initiatives play in stimulating corporate social responsibility when: a) local civic initiatives are developing naturally; and b) when local civic initiatives are purposely initiated, supported and moderated by a regional NGO, which is attempting to build a model of sustainable forest management.

Supported by the Moscow Public Science Foundation (MPSF).