Making Democracy Work: Building Capacity of Ordinary Citizens in Russian Rural Settlements

Joint project with the NGO “SPOK” (Karelia)Etas (Arkhangelsk), EcoCenter (Tikhvin).

The project follows the development of participatory democracy in forest settlements, while also promoting public awareness of rights and opportunities provided by the Russian legislation and global governance processes (such as forest certification). The project also aims to train the inhabitants of forest settlements in building partner relations with timber enterprises for joint decision-making in forest management. Methods: sociological intervention, round tables, focus-groups, consulting of stakeholders. The project is being carried out in the towns and forest settlements of the Leningrad and the Arkhangelsk regions, and the Republic of Karelia – the rented territories of the companies PLO Onegales, Segezha PPM, Sturo Enso, and, UPM Kummene.

Supported by EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights).