Developing impartiality in justice courts as a basis for independent and accessible justice

This project aims to achieve the fundamental principle of justice, the impartiality of justice courts. This task is accomplished through psychological support of magistrates. On behalf of magistrates in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region, four workshops will be conducted for the development of impartiality and the security of professional and personal boundaries, as well as to regulate professional exhaustion in judges. The workshop will cover 25% of magistrates in Saint Petersburg and 30% of magistrates in the Leningrad region. Psychologists from various Russian regions working in the judicial sphere will lead a seminar/workshop as part of an online conference to promote mastery of necessary practical skills, and send out a methodical manual, which will be published based on the results of this project. Accordingly, the planned activities for this project are divided into two directions: methodical and practical. The methodical work intends to resolve two tasks: the creation of methodical materials for leading workshops (1), and developing methodical recommendations for organizing psychological relief rooms for magistrates (2), evaluate their congruence with those of the Saint Petersburg Council of Judges and compile them in a single manual. The practical part of the project includes accomplishing three assignments: leading workshops with magistrates (1), publishing and distributing methodical manuals in Subjects of the Russian Federation (2), leading an on-line conference with psychologists (3).

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