Social Movements in Leningrad in the Years of Perestroika

Partners: NITS ‘Memorial,’ St. Petersburg

The project’s goal is to demonstrate, with the greatest level of depth possible, the societal-political processes which occurred in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) during the period of Perestroika (1985-1991). Within the project’s framework more than 80 interviews were recorded with representatives of various societal movements; archival materials and photographs were used and analyzed as well. The project’s central result was the publication of a book entitled, ‘The Societal Life of Leningrad in the Years of Perestroika – 1985-1991,’ (collected materials, Ansberg, O.N. and Margolis, A.D., St. Petersburg, Serebryanii Vek, 784 pp.). The first part of the book is an urban timeline of those years in the reflection of internal and international events, while the second section contains interviews and fragments of earlier published recollections of those immediately involved in the events of Perestroika. The book’s most important section, however, is a directory containing information about organizations, periodical publications and active participants in the societal life of Leningrad during the second half of the 1980s. The book also contains a full bibliography and index.

Project supported by the Institute of Social Design.