Conditions for Starting and Conducting a Business in the Republic of Tatarstan: Problems and Prospects 2013-2014

Collaborative project with the Leontief Centre (Saint Petersburg) and the Institute for Social Studies and Civil Initiatives (Kazan).


The goal of this research was to determine key development problems in the field of small business in the Republic of Tatarstan and assistance in widening opportunities for realizing entrepreneurial ideas within regional and municipal socio-economic development.

Sociological research aimed to answer the following key questions:

– To what extent does the activity of small business representatives correspond with regional economic and labor market demands? What state structure feedback mechanisms are available for entrepreneurs?

– Do entrepreneurs notice government support, and if so, how is it reflected?

– What problems do entrepreneurs encounter in the stage of creating their business and in the stage of continued operations?

– How to entrepreneurs evaluate readiness of university graduates for work in a creative, innovative economy? Do universities form entrepreneurial skills?

– Do technopolises, business incubators, tech parks and other measures of state support created in Tatarstan enable real development in the areas of small and mid-sized business?


Research was conducted using qualitative methods (interview and case studies).

Project start date: 2014

Publications for project result

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