Improving the efficiency of interaction between local authorities and population

The goal of the project: a comprehensive study of the practical experience of the municipal governments, that have been accumulated in the municipal formations of the Northwestern Federal District.

The project aims:
– to study the existing opportunities of citizen participation in local governance, in territorial development and in the municipal level planning.
– to summarize the positive experience of the local governance mechanisms, that could be part of the reform of public administration.

The methodological design of the project is built in the traditions of the Chicago School. There were collected 69 semi-structured interviews with government officials, deputies, social activists and businessmen and were organized six focus groups with citizens and local activists in the course of participant observation in 5 municipalities in April-May 2015.

In the course of the research we got the answers to the following questions:

– Why local authorities do not enjoy popular support?

– How do municipal deputies and local administration staff explain their mission?

– How do local residents evaluate their work?

– What are the limitations of civic engagement on the municipal level?

– What institutional constraints inhibit the growth of the public participation in the local government?

– What are the key registers of interaction between local government and citizens?

The joint project with the Department of Comparative Political Studies of The North-Western Institute of Management of the Russian Federation Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.