Death and Dying Research Group

Death and Dying Research Group was established in 2017 as an independent research project based in CISR. The Research group  is an extension of the first Russian  death studies journal «Arhaeology of Russian Death».

Death and Dying studies form an elaborated academic research area in western social sciences and  humanities. Studies are not limited to the funeral rituals, but also include funeral industry, pop-culture, social aspects of medicine and  palliative care. The research is being held in Centre of death and society (CDAS), University of Bath,The Cemetery Research Group (CRG), University of York and other research centers. The results are presented in a number of academic journals – Omega journal, Death studies, Mortality etc.

In contrast to western Academia, the case of death and dying is not so popular among social scholars in Russia. The research is mostly limited to two main areas. The first is funeral rituals and folklore, studied in the field of classic ethnography and folkloristics. The other is field is philosophy and religion.

The aim of Death and Dying Research Center is to overcome this gap between Russian and World death and dying studies.

Research focus

The main research focus of the center is social research of palliative care, funeral industry, contemporary immortalism and bio-technologies, intellectual history and history of thought.

Our mission is to form and to maintain professional community in the death studies area in Russia by:

  • The journal “Archaeology of russian death”

  • Publishing the most important titles in death studies in Russian translation

  • Organizing workshops and conferences

  • Providing business consulting

Research area:

  • Funeral market

  • Death and mourning rituals and transformations

  • Historical anthropology of death and dying

  • Hospice movement

  • Grief and bereavement

  • Death and new teсhnologies

  • Immortalism

  • Bioethics and medical anthropology


Sergei Mokhov, MA in public history (MSSES/The University of Manchester), PhD Student in National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Anna Sokolova, PhD, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, research fellow.