Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research

Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research” is a scientific journal, instituted by CISR in 2009, published by an international Team, with the financial support of the Center.

The journal is conceived as a laboratory of sociological thoughts, an international and interdisciplinary discussion platform for specialists in the social sciences. Journal’s periodicity of publication is three issues per year. All articles go through double anonymous peer review.

A full electronic version of the journal, as well as information about editing plans, is available on the journal’s webpage:

Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research is included in the following databases and electronic library systems: Scopus (Q3),Web of Science (ESCI), CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library), EBSCO, East View, ProQuest, Cyberleninka


Focus and Scope

International dialogue: Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research offers scholars from Russia and other countries an international platform to publish results of their empirical studies across social sciences. The journal seeks to assist Russian scholars with integration into the international scientific field, as well as to promote in Russia contemporary work by foreign researchers. Laboratorium is a bilingual publication printing articles in Russian and English.

Social science broadly conceived: One of Laboratorium goals is to overcome rigid barriers between different areas of social science and to advance contemporary research approaches and methods. The journal accepts submissions in any discipline of social science including (but not limited to) sociology, cultural anthropology, ethnography, social geography, cultural studies, sociolinguistics, and social history.

Topics of particular interest: Although the journal does not have specific requirements or restrictions regarding subject matter of the articles it publishes, Laboratorium focuses on several broad substantive areas: disciplinarity (problems facing the social sciences in the post-Soviet space, the internationalization of science, etc.); development of qualitative social research methods (discussions about methodology and methods, methodological innovations and experiments, etc.);socially sensitive matters (pressing issues of modern society including gender, poverty, migration, social movements, etc.);micro-sociology and anthropology of Soviet and post-Soviet societies (material and immaterial culture, everyday life).

Comparative perspective: We especially welcome stand-alone articles, as well as proposals for thematic blocks and special issues, in the fields of comparative sociology, anthropology, and history. Political and social differences of “other” societies undeniably help us understand “ours.”

Original research: Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research only accepts manuscripts of original work previously not published and currently not under review in other journals. Articles not based on empirical studies are not published.

In addition to research articles, the journal accepts for publication review articles and reviews of books and journals in all disciplines of social sciences. Critical responses to articles published in the journal, as well as on significant Russian and foreign studies, are especially welcomed.


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