Art-Social Science

“Art-(Social) Science” is a trans-disciplinary activity aimed at searching of new forms of production and presentation of ideas produced in the social sciences and in collaboration with other professionals – artists, designers, activists, etc. Multidisciplinary combines different realms of knowledge and worldviews, possess different conceptual frames, paradigms, languages etc.

Interesting forms and formats are attractive and comprehensible for wider audiences. “Art -Science” projects that take form of exhibitions, events and other public presentations promise to aid social scientists in delivering their findings and initiating reciprocal public debate.


– exhibitions;

– public lectures and workshops;

– seminars and workshops in order to facilitate the exchange of perspectives, ideas, and practical skills between social scientists, artists, designers and other specialists;

– trans disciplinary research projects;

– publishing materials in an “edutainment” format, i.e. presenting research results, new ideas and concepts and scientific debates in catalogs that incorporate visual data to a large extent.