September 20, 2019. CISR will organize a discussion on the ethics of field research

Session on Ethics of Field Research as an event at  Field Inerviewers Forum is to be held at 12.00-14.00 in the Conference Hall of the European University at St. Petersburg (6/1, Gagarinskaya Street) (in Russian)

In the course of the event challenging relations between practical and ethical aspects of field research practice are going to be discussed. Not all the ethical dilemmas and questions that emerge in the process of field work can get formal guidelines to resove them, and it provides us with an opportunity to look deeper and morу closely on the question.
Ethics of Field Research Session is going to explore a range of issues:

– Where should academic and applied-oriented research set the limits in their endeavours?

– Is following ethic guildlines in relation to an informant more important than getting the data and the knowledge production?

– How should we work with sencetive issues in research where not only an imformant but a reasercher him/herself become vulnarable? How can we take into account possible risks for both a researcher and an informant?

– How ethnography can adopt an ‘ethnography-dialogue’ approach where a researcher and an informant are cooperating in production of new meanings. How should ethical issues be considered in perspective of that paticipating approach?

The format of the Session will be a workshop where each researcher suggests a case to discuss, a specific ethic issue which can be talked about during the round-table meeting.

Among the paticipants there are Anna Ipatova, Daria Litvina, Oleg Zhulavlev, Olga Pinchuk, Irina Starodubovskaya.

The event will be moderated by Daria Skibo (CISR)