CISR’s archives consist of:


  • The research files
    All the reference sources in CISR work, such as the research reports, project materials, etc., are gathered and described in our catalogue. 
  • The biographical and task-oriented interview files
    The main holdings of this archive contain the thousands of biographical and task-oriented interviews collected and transcribed by CISR’s researchers over the years. 
  • The national-patriotic press files
    This archive contains materials collected during those research projects which focused on modern right nationalism (1992). The files include documents, periodicals as well as leaflets and other materials distributed by both Russian and other national-patriotic and national-extremist organisations. 
  • The newspaper articles by subject files
    Since 1991, CISR has been collecting sections of related news items in 60 research areas. 
  • Press files
    CISR press files consist of some inaccessible newspapers collected and integrated into the combined archive according to the research interests of CISR researchers.