Access to Electronic Resources

The following chart lays out information about Internet resources, which provide free access to social science publications. The table includes scientific journals in Russian and English, as well as electronic article databases, allowing users to download a full version of the text.


Name Topic Type Language
Ab Imperio Social Sciences, Philosophy, Political Science Journal Russian
Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 2005, Volume 20, Issue 1 & Issue 2 Legal Sociology Journal English, French
Communitas Sociology, Urban Studies Journal Russian
Onati Socio-Legal Series Legal Sociology Electronic Journal English, Spanish, French, Basque
Sextures Sexuality Electronic Journal English
Sortuz: Onati Journal of Emergent Socio-Legal Studies Legal Sociology Electronic Journal English, Spanish
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Social Sciences Electronic Database Largely English
THESIS: Theory and History of Economic and Social Institutes and Systems Social Sciences Journal Russian
Anthropological Forum Anthropology, Ethnology Journal Russian
The Russian Public Opinion Herald Public Opinion Sociology Journal Russian
Public Administration Issues (through 2012) Political Science Journal Russian
Journal of Educational Studies (through 2012) Education Journal Russian
“Problems of Economics and Law” Information Journal Legal Science, Economics Journal Russian
Gender Studies Philosophy, Feminism, Social Sciences Journal Russian
Diaspora Independent Journal Migration, Nationalism Journal Russian
Journal of Institutional Studies Sociology, Anthropology Journal Russian
The Journal of Social Policy Studies Social Sciences Journal Russian
The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology Sociology Journal Russian
Inter Journal Social Sciences Journal
Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research Social Empirical Studies Journal Russian, English
Social Sciences and Modernity Social Sciences Journal Russian
Politea Political Science Journal Russian
Region: Economics and Sociology (through 2012) Sociology Journal Russian
Rubezh: Social Research Almanac Sociology Journal Russian
Modern Discourse Analysis (СДА) Methodology Electronic Journal Russian
Sociological Studies Sociology Journal Russian
Russian Sociological Review Sociology Journal Russian
Sociology 4M (through 2011) Methodology Journal Russian
Sociology: Theory, Methods, Marketing Sociology Journal Russian
Foresight Statistics, Innovation Journal Russian
Economic Sociology Sociology, Economics Electronic Journal Russian