Exhibition “If your iron has broken…” (April, 19th — May, 14th 2019)

Opening: April, 19th, 19:00 At Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben gallery (B. Zelenina, 21)

This exhibition is an art science project that unites them into one.
The participants of sociological research — sociologists, anthropologists, urbanists — perform as mediators of their research for the public and take first steps as artists.

Art projects are based on the results of the “Layered cake of Neighbourness” Russian-Finnish scientific project and affect different areas of research: “Neighborness in border areas”, “Neighborness through time”, “Neighborness in the megalopolis”, “Digital neighborness” and “Neighborness in communes”. Works are represented in videos, photos, installations, art objects, sound installations and performances.

Through artistic interpretations, scientists present topics that have impressed them in the process of working with the material and have caused analogies with their own life experiences. Acting as artists, they become the subjects of knowledge production and its interpreters through forms unusual for the scientific world at the same time. Ideas of art projects appeared in the course of individual work of researchers with the artist and curator in the field of contemporary art, Lera Lerner, and were created by the efforts of the researchers themselves in close cooperation with the artists of ‘North 7’ art group and Lera Lerner.

More information, participants and program of the exebition here.

In this art-science project, art and social sciences, artistic and research understanding of the materials intersect. Such interdisciplinary practices are becoming increasingly popular in the world, where artists and scientists are looking for new languages of knowledge representation and new ways of interacting with a wider audience.