8-10 декабря 2019 International conference “Death and dying: between tradition and new imagination”

The international conference is organized by the Laboratory for Social Studies of Death and Dying (Laboratory based on the CISR), the Journal “Archeology of Russian Death”, with the support of the “Khamovniki” Foundation and the CISR.

Date: 6-7 Dec., 2019,

Place: Center for Independent Social Research (St.Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 87, off. 301)

Among the topics that we would like to discuss during the conference: new trends in the funeral industry (eco-funeral, cremation, space funeral); imaginary immortality (digital immortality and cryonics); life after death and new technologies (life support and cyborgization); bioethics as well as euthanasia and suicide; death in popular culture; popularization of death and death awareness movement; palliative care and endoflifecare et al.

Working language – Russian

Researchers, activists, artists and those whose professional activities are connected with death and dying are invited to participate.

Deadline for submitting abstracts (no more than 350 words) – September 1, 2019, to deathinrussia2019@gmail.com

More detailed announcement in Russian, see here

 preliminary program (In Russian)


Public lectures

9 Dec., 19.00-20.30 Адриана Теодореску “Death Studies Matter. Some Considerations on Their Useful, Helpful and Deceitful Nature” (in English).
10 Dec., 18.00-19.30  Джулия Ругг “The ultimate destination: cemetertes and death studies”(лекция пройдет на английском языке).