Schools & Trainings

Since 2003, CISR has actively cooperated with the Center for Sociological Education (Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) in organising “practical trainings” for students enrolled in the courses at the Center for Sociological Education. Each year CISR researchers hold studies for students arriving for 10-12 days from Moscow to attend courses ‘Ethnosociology’, ‘Gender Sociology’, ‘Sociology of Everyday Life’ and ‘The Qualitative Methods in Sociological Research’. The practical trainings aim to develop the students’ practical skills. At their institute in Moscow the students are taught the basic theory necessary for a social researcher to study different social processes and problems. In St. Petersburg the students are given the unique opportunity to apply this theoretical knowledge in practice. Within 10 days of their internship the students undertake field studies, analyse concrete texts and discuss all their new attainments and skills during the seminars held by CISR researchers with longstanding research practice.
Over the last three years of the Center for Sociological Education courses, students have done research in a flea market and the city’s farmers’ markets, in malls and on playgrounds, in “ethnic cuisine” restaurants and underwear shops, in department stores for children and shops for new settlers, and in the subway and newly-erected buildings. They have also analysed history textbooks and Russian national newspapers, and interviews recorded by themselves and by other researchers. Moreover, they have had the chance to analyse other researchers’ poll data and even to conduct their own polls to discover for themselves this method`s weaknesses; they were also asked to analyse movies such as “Shrek” and “Good bye, Lenin”, and so on.
Qualitative methods have been the central concern both in the CISR training programs and other activities of the Centre. This is evident in the fact that CISR researchers have been conducting the practical trainings in conjunction with the Center for Sociological Education course for almost 4 years now. In those years more then 10 practical trainings have been conducted.


Workshops and courses in 2012:

Sociological workshop within the course: “Qualitative methods in sociological research: theory and practice” (Centre for Sociological Education, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow): Centre for Independent Social Research (St.Petersburg), 26 February-3 March, 2012. Coordinator of workshop: Oksana Karpenko.

During the workshop researchers of CISR and invited professors have given lectures and practical training on the following topics:

  • Field observation (Olga Brdenikova, CISR)
  • Autoethnography in qualitative research (Olga Brdenikova, CISR)
  • Discourse analysis (Alexander Kondakov, CISR)
  • Image analysis (Olga Boytsova, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Kunstkamera, St.Petersburg)
  • Analysis of qualitative interview (Elena Zdravomyslova, CISR/European University at St.Petersburg)

Within the workshop “sociological walk” around the city of St.Petersburg with Anna Zhelnina ( was organized.


Practical trainings and courses (2003-2006):





  • Sociological practice for the course “Gender sociology” (Center for Sociological Education, CISR; 18-27 August 2003).
    Training leader: Katerina Gerasimova (CISR).

        Within this training CISR researchers and outside lecturers have taught the following courses:
    • Gender socialisation: forms, practices, spaces (Oleg Pachenkov)
    • ‘Practicing gender’: consumption and leisure practices (Katerina Gerasimova)
    • Gender aspect in the analysis of institutes: women and the church (Olga Chepurnaya)
    • Male and female in the construction of biographies and family histories (Sofia Tchouikina)
    • Gender representations in mass-media (Zhanna Chernova)




  • Sociological practice for the course “The qualitative methods in sociological research” (Center for Sociological Education, CISR; 22-29 March 2003, 10-18 March 2004, 28 February – 7 March 2005, 18-28 February 2006).
    Training leader: Oleg Pachenkov (CISR).

        Within this training CISR researchers and outside lecturers have taught the following courses:




  • Sociological practice for the course “Sociology of everyday life” (Center for Sociological Education, CISR; 11-21 June 2005, 23 September – 3 October 2006).
    Training leader: Oleg Pachenkov (CISR).

        Within this training CISR researchers and outside lecturers have taught the following courses:
    • The practices of interaction in public spaces (the flea market and public transit) (Olga BrednikovaOleg Pachenkov)
    • The social construction of the body at the level of the everyday life (Olga Gurova, Nadya Nartova)
    • Reconstructing everyday life through consumption practices (e.g. analysing film “Good bye, Lenin”) (Olga Gurova, Oleg Pachenkov)
    • Everyday life, family life and urbanism (Katerina Gerasimova)
    • Everyday life and the way of life in communal flats (Ilia Utekhin)
    • Analysing everyday relations: small talk and other genres (Ilia Utekhin, Sergej Damberg)
    • Photo-observation in the field of neighbourly communication: analysing the everyday life of semi-public spaces (Sergej Damberg)


    Making use of the experience gained in the collaboration with other educational institutions, CISR started to implement a similar programme in collaboration with their Swedish colleagues in 2004. In December 2004 a two-week internship for 15 Swedish students was organised by CISR together with Osterlens folkhogskola (Tomelilla, Sweden). This training concerned both methods of sociological studies and an investigation of transformation in post-Soviet Russian society. In December 2005 a second such practical training session was held in the context of the partnership of CISR and Osterlens folkhogskola. It was decided that the collaboration of the two organisations will be continued and broadened.

    In the summer 2006 a cross-cultural and practical summer school on qualitative social science methodology (CBT Field Methods Course) was conducted in CISR for BA, MA and Ph.D. students from Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and NIS. It was organised by the CISR together with the Circum Baltic Teaching Network and NECENRead more…