The Centre for Independent Social Research provides opportunities for training university students, studying under the majors of sociological and social (cultural) anthropology. The Centre arranges resources for leading introductory training, for independent work with library and archival foundations, as well as leading scientific consulting for students on research topics, which coincide with CISR’s main research directions and staff members’ specialties. The length of training is unspecified, however must be in accordance with the student’s university internship coordinator, the scientific supervisor of the student’s thesis/graduate work and the CISR staff member, coordinating training-related affairs ( In addition, training is limited to the academic year timeframe and is not conducted over the summer.


Introductory training provides students with collective visits (groups of 30 people) to the Centre, as organized by university internship coordinator. Throughout the visit CISR staff members lead a presentation about Centre activity and answer questions. Coordinators should inform Centre via email about intentions to visit CISR at least a month in advance.

Work in the library or archive is led independently by students, according to CISR’s rules for library usage. Visiting the library and participating in CISR seminars is not a basis for providing students with a “training review”.

Consultation on thesis, graduate work and other empirical research is conducted by CISR scientific staff members, as long as the scholarly research proposed functions within the framework of understanding sociology, using qualitative methods and on topics, corresponding with CISR’s main activity directions. CISR accepts consultation applications from students leading research and in need of recommendations on literature selection, choice of study perspective, methods of gathering and analyzing data, etc. Students are recommended to independently create an agreement on consultation terms with CISR staff members leading similar projects. In order to receive scientific consultation at CISR, students should contact the staff member via email (sending a copy to as well) regarding the work the student is interested in conducting, completed application and the following information no later than 2 weeks before training starts:

– information about the student (full name, place of study, year, training length, full name of scientific supervisor, contact information);

– topic and short description of the project, the plan for graduate work or comprehensive research question, a compilation of achieved results if work on the project is already being conducted

– an answer to the question: What kind of problem do you propose to solve through this apprenticeship? What do you expect from this training?

In the case that the student is unable to find available staff members, the training will be limited to independent work in the library or archive. All students leading practical internships at CISR must fill out a guest card.

The responsibilities of the CISR scientific staff member accepting the role of consultant include:

– spending several (2-3) consultations (possibly more depending on the staff member’s agreement with the student);

– providing a review of the training based on the results of the student’s work.

In order to receive a training review, by the end of the internship the student must provide a text, reflecting the research work led, or other results of work, as previously agreed upon with the consultant/CISR staff member.

Additional requirements for undergraduate internship:

– the student is recommended to present thesis work to the curator for review and leave a copy of this work for CISR’s library;

– the student may present research results at an internal CISR seminar.

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